About CFP

The PGConf.ASIA program committee announced the call for papers on July 8th, 2016 and closed it on August 31st, 2016.
The announcement destinations include pgsql-announce, the mailing list of Japan PostgreSQL Users Group and the mailing list of PostgreSQL Enterprise Consortium.

Suggested topic areas include:

– Large-scale PostgreSQL deployments.
– Migrations from other databases to PostgreSQL
– Operations and administration
– Performance and feature implementation
– Replication, clustering, HA, sharding.
– Tools and utilities for PostgreSQL
– Benchmarking and hardware, tuning.
– PostgreSQL community and hacking.

Number of total proposals was 60 (18 from Japan, 42 from overseas). Number of total persons who sent proposals was 42, from 15
countries. These numbers are way beyond our best expectations. Many thanks to all who submitted talks!

The most popular area of the proposals was about PostgreSQL development and enhancement. The next popular area was case studies
(6), then PostgreSQL community (4), migration (3) and clustering (2).

There are many high-level proposals, from those who have been giving talks in international conferences, and/or who have been actively
working on developing PostgreSQL. Rating and selecting talks will be quite difficult because there are so many good proposals. The program
committee will work hard to choose good quality talks.