PGConf.ASIA 2016 Schedule

DAY0 Developer Day

An unconference will be held, that could provide a gathering place for developers. A separate application is needed, and the number of participants is limited.

DAY1 Business DAY

Collections of the necessary theme of PostgreSQL in the business scene, such as case studies of PostgreSQL, the technology for the large-scale operation

DAY2 Community DAY

Session for PostgreSQL Technology & Community Management


Tutorials for PostgreSQL


Party with Speakers, Attendees and Staffs

About PGConf.ASIA 2016

Aiming to be the largest PostgreSQL event in Asia

In recent years, the PostgreSQL conferences have been held in the world. There are many domestic-oriented events, but the events with an awareness of international conference are also increasing. PGConf.ASIA 2016 is an international conference of PostgreSQL with the concept celebrating the 20 anniversary of PostgreSQL. Japan is extensive and advanced in the use of PostgreSQL in the world-wide. We expect the development of the international conference in Asia, so this conference was named ASIA. Although this is the first time held, no matter what the future holds, we hope that this conference is able to provide an opportunity for developers around the world and Japanese users to exchange new ideas and experiences.


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July 8, the second Steering Committee meeting was held.

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CFP was released.

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June 7, the first Steering Committee meeting was held.

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