October 28, 2016

Lightning Talk

We have closed the vote for selecting speakers.
Thank you for voting.
Voting result is as follows.

Rank Talk title % Votes
1 Let’s expand PostgreSQL ecosystem 41.0%
2 pg_reversi 38.5%
3 Participate in the Community – how to find suitable meetings. 33.3%
4 Case introduction of high availability PostgreSQL of That Company. 30.8%
5 Performing SQL with SSD-to-GPU P2P Transfer 28.2%
6 What’s consortium based on comapnies like? 23.1%
6 Pg9 – Pretty Good Frontend for PostgreSQL9 23.1%

We selected the top 5 as speakers.

lightningLightning talks (LT) will take place at the end of PGConf.ASIA 2016 Day2 Community Day (December 3, 16:15 – 16:50 in Japan time).

See http://www.pgconf.asia/ about PGConf.ASIA 2016.

Each talk will be limited to 5 minutes, and can be on all topics related to PostgreSQL, e.g. having tried something using PostgreSQL, developing PostgreSQL-related software as open source, having succeeded/failed in PostgreSQL, or others.

Would you like to share your ideas about PostgreSQL at this event which PostgreSQL developers also gather? Please feel free to submit your proposal.

To submit your proposal, please send the following to exec@pgconf.asia.

  • Your name
  • Organization you belong to
  • Talk title
  • Abstract

– Submission deadline is November 11, 24:00 in Japan time.
– It will be decided by an open vote in the case of a lot of applications.
– Notification of result will be sent by about November 21.
– Talks should be in either English or Japanese (No translation).
– Since there are participants coming from abroad, slides written in English or both Japanese and English are preferred.
– A projector will be provided for your talk, and please bring your own laptop with your slides.
– All the cost of participation, such as transportation and registration fees are self-paid.
– If you have any questions about lightning talks, please contact us at exec@pgconf.asia.